My Bird Observations
app for iPhone and iPod Touch And Android

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click here to see QuickTime demos

click here to see QuickTime demos

My Bird Observations is a very simple way for birders to keep track of their sightings. Ultra easy and intuitive. One can record the number of individuals and comments for each species sighted.  My Bird Observations includes a world bird list of 10,000 birds. My Bird Observations works just as well on your vacations in Belize and China as in your own backyard.

Once you've completed a list it's easy to email it to any email address.  Creates text files that can be imported into eBird and Birdstack.

eBird is a real-time, online checklist program from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and National Audubon Society. eBird brings together millions of observations every month, creating a database that can be easily searched for sighting information in a given area. View results via easy interactive tools. Once you see eBird, you'll want to participate. 

Birdstack is free, web-based birding software for creating lists of birds seen anywhere in the world. Birdstack closed down permanently 2/25/12.


Choice of 3 Taxonomies - IOC, eBird or The British List 

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 list ebird.png list bou.png

Alphabetical or Taxonomic Order and 4 Search Options

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User Managed Life List

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Custom Templates - Pre-defined lists of birds.

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Hundreds of Regional Filters for Bird Name DB

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dove 1 all - filter.png

Bird names available in Swedish, German, Spanish and French

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Easy Entry, Easy Upload, Easy Navigation

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